Arrangements and compositions

In my lessons I regularly use arrangements of popsongs and music from films. I make these myself. It is a great motivation  to play  music you already know and love.

I also make choral arrangements. I have worked for years as a pianist for various choirs and thus learned what suits a singer. There can be two, three or four parts in the score, and the arrangement can contain a part for the  piano or be  ‘a capella’.

Moreover I am active as a composer. In 2017, during the ‘Zuiderwaterliniefestival’,  a composition for piano four hands was performed. It was a four-part suite depicting the history of Breda. A part from the suite ‘España para dos’ was played during the ‘Pianofestival Breda’. For two pianos I composed a concert in C-major, reminiscent of Haydn and Mozart and suitable for pianists with about four years of experience. More challenging and inspired by Beethoven  is the concertino in D-minor.

A number of my arrangements and compositions can be purchased online. and offer music from Adele, Birdy, Norah Jones and others. There is also music from films like Topgun and Avatar. Music for piano dominates but I have started to upload choral arrangements as well.